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Last updated 5th May 2018

May Day Steam is a steam rally organised jointly by the Lancashire Traction Engine Club andUrmston and District Model Engineering Society. It takes place annually at Abbotsfield Park, Chassen Rd, Flixton, nr Manchester in the UK on the first Bank Holiday Weekend in May.

  Each year there are the usual exhibits such as traction engines, fairground organs, commercial vehicles, cars, bikes, tractors, stationary engines, miniature steam, stalls, and crafts. An additional attraction at this rally is a permanent miniature railway which runs around the perimeter of the park,  which caters for 3.5" and 5" gauge engines and is one of the longest in the country.


  Follow this Link for pictures and information about York Cleaners who clean our trains and stations

More images of the 2004 rally taken by Harold Bregazzi a local Leeds Arborist.


Follow this Link for pictures and information about Leeds roofing who repaired our roof on the hanger that the trains are in.

More images of the 2003 rally taken by Hazel Bregazzi




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